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Monday, February 13, 2017

Spring Fever

This is the soap I entered into February's
Great Cakes Soapworks challenge.
It is a combination of both melt and pour (MP) soap and
cold process (CP) soap. CP is which is what I usually make.
The bunny and heart embeds are MP, the rest is CP. 

These flowers are showing up in all my creations this month!
A sign of spring fever, I'd say.


  1. Very cute soap, Lynlee!! So the flowers are CP? Did you do the sculpted soap recipe from Sorcery Soap?

    Spring fever is hitting me hard too! It was 70 degrees over the weekend and all I wanted to do was be outside! It was a brief warm spell, but the forecast shows more warm & sunny days ahead - yippee!!

  2. Nice Spring soap, I like the embedded heart is that mp or cp? FUN!

    1. Hi, thank you, the heart is mp, bunny too. Rest is cp.

  3. Nicely done, Lynlee! The flowers, heart and bunny are lovely touches – a perfect soap for easter – and that mica is lovely too.

  4. Oh goodness, Lynlee! This is so beautiful and makes me want spring to come even sooner!

  5. What a cute spring soap! We've had some warm days here, and your soap makes me want to get the Easter baskets ready :)