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Lynlee Sky
Mosaic and Ceramic Artist

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Shop-ping Today

Monkey sculpture by Jim.
Every time I go into the shop he has climbed onto someplace
different that the last place I saw him...

He will go onto an elephant sculpture that Jim made awhile ago.
The monkey will be holding an umbrella to keep the water off his head
from the elephant's fountain feature. 

Making a Chocolate Tree Leaf Mold.

Jim pours in potter's plaster onto leaf,
a bit different than plaster of paris.
Once the mold hardens up I can make
a porcelain serving dish from the mold, or 2.
Want one?

Monday, December 1, 2014

A Wonderful Find

We took on the job of emptying a friends storage barn
 and found this frame tucked deep into spider webs.
Jim put a seat and backing slats on- then refinished the woodwork.
Stunning! Now off to the fabric store to decide
on a design, texture, color,
hummm any suggestions?