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Lynlee Sky
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Art Barn gets a new Bathroom Floor.

A visit to Venture Kitchen and Bath in Plymouth
to select tiles for our weekend project.
Jay and Michael let us go into the back room
and choose as much as we want for a great price.

Cleaning the bathroom floor
before laying tile.
Note the 3 pencils behind the ear...
important to have that for this kind of job!

Calculating how many tiles are needed and
what size to cut the 18" porcelain tiles
 (imported from Italy) into.
Decided to cut the tiles into 6" X 6" tiles.
Note the clip on magic marker in the front of the shirt...
important to have that for this kind of job!

First batch of thinset mixed up
 and the tiles begin to go down.
Ok now, try to get some of that thinset
onto the tiles, Lynlee.

Well now, this ones says it all, eh?

Selected a color to match the larger tiles color
so the little colorful little tiles stand out.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Big Leaf

Concrete Castor Bean Leaf on Barn,
nice country scene here on the
Joy Road Farm.