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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Soap Date & Gift Wrapping Soap

I made a large "master" batch of soap.,
divided it into 2 parts,
my friend Chantel, who also makes soap,
 added Lavender essential oil, pink clay and
Lavender buds (she collected) to her half.
I added orange peel,Cedarwood essential oil,
and Calendula petals from my garden.
Then we combined them, with an activated charcoal
pencil line between the 2 layers.
Smells wonderful, y'all!

A generous friend brought over wax/candy
molds- oh boy, getting fancy on designing
decorative wraps for my soaps.
Wax snow flake with wax snowman smushed on top.
This soap is Irish Seaweed Soap.
Smells like the ocean.

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  1. Ha Ha! I am making cookies...I would send you some but your brother ate them.