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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Totem Pole Workshop in Chicago

I attended a Totem Pole workshop at the Chicago Mosaic School with Sherri Warner Hunter.
Here are some photos of the 5 day workshop. Everyone had fun,  amazing totem poles were made by amazing artists. I will show you my concrete and mosaic piece once it is finished.
Kamelia empties the Buddha's Head.

Liz is quite handy with colored concrete sculptures!

Lynlee and her totem project.

Adding glass scrim to head piece. 

Sherri demonstrates how to add wire and decorations to the sculpture.

Facial detail demonstration by Sherri.

Learning how to Hot Wire a styrofoam armature. 

Bird on a Hot Wire!
                                                     Instructor Sherri Warner Hunter

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  1. @ me little artist; Steve and I are in Winston-Salem North Carolina. Tomorrow, depending on weather, I'm not sure.